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Latest NEWS from SUAA

SUAA - State University Annuitant Association is our organization and advocate. If you're not a dues contributing member, PLEASE consider joining us. To find the latest information about our retirement check out the SUAA website by clicking on the "Latest NEWS..." link (above). The information is up-to-date and posted much faster than we can pick it up and repost it.

Latest NEWS from SURS

SURS - State University Retirement System is the state office that distributes our annuity and it's the official voice of the retirement system. Their up-to-date information is am important perspective. The latest Advocate and other SURS news is available online.
Learn more about investments, pension reform, retiree health care premiums and SURS soon-to-be released, updated member summary screen.

CDAA discussions (googlegroups)

eMail lists (DADA Mail)

We have two eMail lists which send information to annuitants who have listed their addresses. Using a Profile is the best way to subscribe, change eMail addresses, and review prior mailings through the archives of sent messages. Subscribing through the Profile send emails to you.
The Profile is also a way to read the archive of prior messages.

  1. Communication list is the most important one. It is the list the association uses to send out all important announcments, invitations, etc. We invite ALL persons interested in CDAA and our annuitant benefits to subscribe. We try not to send irelevant junk, but while not everyone may be interested in invitations to breakfast we hope those who are not -- will tolerate the occasiona message.
  2. HotTix list forwards commuication from the MacAninch Arts Cetner and other general COD announcements, when we get them.